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The Sirens of Suspense




S.W. Lauden is the author of the Greg Salem punk rock P.I. series including BAD CITIZEN CORPORATION and GRIZZLY SEASON. His Tommy & Shayna Crime Caper novellas include CROSSWISE and CROSSED BONES.

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Eric Beetner is the author of RUMRUNNERS and its sequel LEADFOOT. And the trilogy THE DEVIL DOESN'T WANT ME, WHEN THE DEVIL COMES TO CALL and THE DEVIL AT YOUR DOOR, among many other titles.


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item1 A Crime Podcast is Born item1

Like most good ideas these days, the concept for Writer Types was born in a Toyota Prius.

My co-host, Eric Beetner and I were driving from Los Angeles to a signing event in San Diego when the subject came up. We're both big podcast listeners, so it wasn't much of a leap. It sounded like fun to create a new podcast, but we agreed it would need to be different than the great literary podcasts already out there. 

The concept for Writer Types was pretty much fleshed out before we got back to LA that night: A fast-paced show with lots of different voices every episode, including interviews with authors, industry professionals, book reviews, short fiction and more from the crime and mystery world.

We just had to figure out how to pull it off.

Step one was making sure we had the right equipment and software to capture conversations in person and over the Internet. Step two was doing some research about podcast distribution on platforms like SoundCloud, iTunes and Stitcher. Step three was making a wish list of the authors we'd like to have on the show—and boy did we get lucky there. 

The first episode launched in January and features interviews with authors Megan Abbott, Lou Berney and Steph Post, as well as Eric Campbell of Down & Out Books. We had flash fiction from Nick Kolakowski courtesy of our partners at Shotgun Honey, book reviews from Dan and Kate Malmon of Crimespree magazine, and launched a regular feature called "The UnPanel" with authors S.G. Redling, Gary Phillips and Jay Stringer.

Given that star-studded line up, it's no surprise the response was great. But talk about setting unrealistic expectations.

Luckily, Eric and I have gotten to know some talented crime/mystery people over the years. We dug deep and called in some favors, which is why the second episode features an equally unbelievable line up including Joe R. Lansdale, Jess Lourey, Reed Farrel Coleman, Erik Arneson, Danny Gardner, Kris Calvin and Paul D Marks. We even interviewed our agent, Amy Moore-Benson.

That lucky streak continues with episode three, which launches today. This time around we've got interviews with Johnny Shaw and Sue Anne Jaffarian. We also put together a special segment on the recent Noir at the Bar LA event featuring Glen Erik Hamilton, Stephen Blackmoore, John Lansing, Nolan Knight, Travis Richardson and Sarah M. Chen. There's flash fiction from Jen Conley, and a rock and roll "UnPanel" with Alex Segura, Joe Clifford and Corey Lynn Fayman.

Eric and I also recently took the show on the road, catching up with several talented authors at the inaugural Murder & Mayhem in Chicago conference last weekend. And we've got something exciting planned for Los Angeles at the beginning of May. Look for announcements on the Writer Types Facebook page

Writer Types has been a lot of work, but it's also been a lot of fun. Now if we could just find time to promote our new books ("The Devil At Your Door" for Eric Beetner, and "Crossed Bones" for S.W. Lauden—in case you were wondering)...and write the next one...

I guess it's time to climb back into that magical Prius.





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