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The Sirens of Suspense




Michael W. Sherer is the author of NIGHT TIDE, the second novel in the Blake Sanders thriller series. The first in the Seattle-based series, NIGHT BLIND, was nominated for an ITW Thriller Award in 2013. His other books include the award-winning Emerson Ward mystery series, the stand-alone suspense novel, ISLAND LIFE, and the Tess Barrett YA thriller series.

He and his family now reside in the Seattle area. He thinks the Blake Sanders series would probably be Trader Joe’s Country Pumpkin Spice Granola if it was cereal, and Tupperware’s Quick Chef Pro System.


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Joke all you want about Tupperware parties and the ladies who throw them, for 60 years the company has not only built its direct sales model on enlightening, educating and empowering women and their families, it also has continued to innovate containers and household products that save consumers time and money. If only authors and publishers could say the same.

There’s a running gag among a few of us who attended Left Coast Crime in Colorado Springs based on a very funny story author Kris Neri told about being mistaken for a Tupperware salesperson. The mere mention of the brand still makes me smile and even break into a giggle sometimes.

The more I think about it, however, the more I believe that the hapless woman who insisted Kris is a rep for the household products company may have been onto something. No, Kris doesn’t host or arrange Tupperware parties in northern Arizona. She’s an award-winning mystery author and bookstore owner.

That single sentence tells you a lot about Kris. In fact, if you didn’t know her it might tell you enough to pique your interest in her writing. But you’d probably want to know more before you actually read her work. If you knew she’s written more than 60 short stories you might consider it. That’s pretty impressive. But maybe you prefer novels to short stories. If you found out she’s written several books in two different mystery series as well as two stand-alone suspense thrillers, you might be swayed.

But I write mysteries and thrillers, too. I’ve also won awards for my writing and have been nominated for one of the industry’s major awards, just like Kris. My work includes a Chicago-based mystery series, a Seattle-based thriller series, and a stand-alone suspense thriller. And though I can’t hold a candle to Kris’s short story output, I have had one published.

So which of us would you pick up first? Which of us would you invest your hard-earned money in for several hours worth of entertainment? Ah, you need more information.

Check a little further and you discover that Kris’s “Magical Mystery” series features a fake psychic and a Celtic goddess/FBI agent, and her Tracy Eaton series is screwball comedy wrapped in mystery, the first of which was a triple-crown nominee for Agatha, Anthony and Macavity awards. And you’d find out that my Emerson Ward series features a Chicago freelance writer, and the Blake Sanders thrillers feature a six-foot-nine newspaper carrier.

Is that enough to go on? Maybe, maybe not. You, like most people, will read jacket copy, rely on recommendations from friends, even read a few reviews.

Wouldn’t it be cool if books were like boxes of cereal? One look at the cover and you’d have a pretty good idea of what’s inside. Or Tupperware? You know, the Round Pie and Pastry Container for, well, pie and pastry. And the Healthy Salad on the Go Set holds—what else?—salads.

True, even the hundreds (thousands?) of Tupperware containers would only give you a general idea of the contents, but the Round Cake Taker is best suited for cake (duh!), not pie, and FridgeSmart containers hold different stuff than Microwave Cereal Bowls. You get the idea. If we could only get the word out to readers more effectively about what styles of containers we offer, perhaps we’d all find more readers and entertain them more thoroughly.

Here’s the deal. You like pie better than cake. So you look for the Pie & Pastry Container, not knowing whether it contains apple pie, blueberry pie, Boston Crème pie or Key Lime pie, but assured that it’s not cake. What’s not to like? What an easy way to find the kinds of books, or even the kinds of sub-genres of mysteries and thrillers you enjoy reading.



WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE TUPPERWARE STORY? HOW DO YOU CHOOSE WHICH AUTHORS TO READ? Tell us or comment on the blog below or on our Facebook page and you’ll be entered to win a a copy of NIGHT TIDE! (U.S. entrants only, please.)


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