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The Sirens of Suspense




Rebecca Cantrell is the multi-award-winning author of the Hannah Vogel historical mystery series set in World War II Berlin. Her most recent A CITY OF BROKEN GLASS, released July 17. She is also the author of the young adult phenomenon iDRAKULA (and the forthcoming iFRANKENSTEIN) under the name Bekka Black.

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Why I Write (and Read) item1

I get asked this a lot, most often by those who feel that I am “wasting my talent reading and writing mysteries” and don’t mind telling me so just like that. Sometimes, they tell me so on stage at a reading that’s more than half filled with die hard mystery fans.  So far, this has not resulted in a giant literary brawl. But I think it’s gotten close.

I’ve tried to formulate a calming answer, but the truth is that I read everything. I read crime, mystery, thriller, literary, historical, sci-fi, fantasy, YA, graphic novels, the occasional romance, film scripts, and nonfiction. If it’s printed, I read it. If I had more time, I’d read even more. I’ve been told that it’s some kind of weird compulsion I ought to see someone about, and also that I should be more discriminating.item6

I doubt I’ll ever climb Mount Everest, fall in love with a Scottish Highlander, defeat an army of rampaging robots, or solve a tricky murder. But because of books I can experience all that while sitting in on a comfy couch while sipping tea and saying, “I’ll get to that as soon as I finish this chapter.”  I love the worlds writers create on the page. I can’t limit myself to just a few. That would be like eating just one bite of chocolate mousse.  I guess that the real, guilty pleasure reason why I read all the time. But why mysteries?

My mother would say that I read mysteries not just because they’re there, but also because I have an overblown sense of justice and I expect the world to be fair. As usual: she’d be right. I do. And in mysteries everything happens for a reason, the evil are exposed and, usually, they even get punished for what they did. Who could not want to read that? For just one moment, somewhere in a book, life is almost fair.

Obviously there’s a leap from reading them to writing them.

I could make up a deep psychological reason, but really I write them because they are fun. I get to do all kinds of research and ask questions that normally cause trouble. In the name of research, I watched someone blow a giant pile of lava into gravel, begged a vampire autopsy report off a medical examiner, asked an expert on chemical weapons all kinds of troublesome question, and right now I’m sitting in a cafe in Berlin looking at the cobblestones and thinking dark thoughts. As a writer friend once said: “It’s not a grown up job.”

I like that.



WHY DO YOU READ (OR WRITE) MYSTERIES? TELL US OR ASK REBECCA A QUESTION by commenting below or visit us and share your thoughts on our Facebook page and be entered to win the first in the Hannah Vogel series A TRACE OF SMOKE!

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