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The Sirens of Suspense




Joshua Graham is the award winning author of the #1 Amazon and Barnes & Noble legal thriller BEYOND JUSTICE. His latest book DARKROOM (out May 1) won a First Prize award in the Forward National Literature award and was an award-winner in the USA Book News “Bests Books 2011” awards.

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An Author's Best Friend item1

JG: Hello everyone. Today, I’m responding to quite an unusual request for an interview. I’ve been asked to interview my good friend Kangadog, one of the most well-known author’s pets on the internet. Hi Kangadog. How are you today?

KD: I’m great. But “Pets”? Seriously?

JG: I meant no disrespect. So, how are you?

KD: Been dealing with this phantom rodent or rabbit recently in the back yard that constantly eludes me. I tell ya, it’s enough to drive a dog….—SQUIRREL!

JG: Right here, Kangadog. Right here. Okay, good boy. Focus.

KD: Sorry about that. See what I mean? It’s enough to drive a dog to distraction.

JG: I see. So, today we’re talking about life as the dog of a writer. Kanga, how would you describe that?

KD: You know, I’m glad you asked because we dogs (cough—cough— and cats too) that belong to writers are widely unrecognized. But the truth is, we’re just as important to the creative process as anything else.

JG: Really? How so?

KD: Well you see, writers can be a solitary breed. They spend hours in front of the computer, sometimes silently, sometimes talking to themselves, and if not for us dogs and (yawn!....cats), writers would probably lose their minds.

JG: I’m not sure I follow.

KD: It’s simple. We provide much needed therapy in many different ways.

JG: Such as?

KD: Emotional: When writers face disappointment, frustration, loneliness, or even joy, excitement, good news, etc., they’re often alone in their office. And who is the first person they share these emotions with? That’s right, us “pets!” I can’t tell you how many times I’ve jumped into the air and nearly out of my fur, because of an unexpected whoop, shout of frustration, or other such vocalization. However, it does come with hugs and belly rubs too, so I won’t complain.

Another type of therapy is physical: Did you know that rubbing a dog’s fur can prolong human life? It’s true! It’s been proven to relieve stress, one of the silent killers of humankind. So the less stress, the longer the life. We dogs (ok, maybe cats too) are stress relievers.

And we’re great foot warmers too. I don’t mind that, as long as I get a good belly rub out of it.

JG: That’s fascinating. I didn’t realize it was like that for you.

KD: That’s right. So from now on, could you please bear in mind—the next time you have an outburst under the presupposition that you’re alone—that there’s another being in the room. Some of us startle easily.

JG: Sorry about that. I guess it’s the thriller writer in me.item9

KD: Just my luck. Why couldn’t you write text books, or something less exciting?

JG: I did my time with textbooks (12 years of college). Now I just write what I love to read.

KD: Could you write a book called “How to Spoil Your Dog Rotten?”

JG: Because I’m such an expert on the topic?

KD: Hardly. I just think doing the research will do you (and me) some good.

JG: I’ll keep that in mind. So, next question: What’s the worst thing about being the dog of a writer?

KD: (I’m sorry I haven’t told you about this until now, Josh) By far, it’s the invasion of privacy.

JG: What???

KD: Oh come on now. You put pictures of me all over facebook.

JG: But everyone thinks you’re cute!

KD: Cute! I’m a manly dog! Not some cutesy-wootsy foo-foo dog!

JG: No one said you were. If you were secure about your—

KD: You posted pictures of me doing my business!

JG: Oh.

KD: …

JG: Well, I just thought my friends might get a kick…but yes, I suppose it might have been embarrassing. That’s why I took them down.

KD: After they went viral, sure!

JG: Hey, I did caption it saying that you were doing Pilates Leg Lifts.

KD: You didn’t fool anyone, Josh. They knew….they knew…

JG: I’m sorry, Kangadog….Hey, you want a treat?

KD: TREAT??? TREAT??? (pant pant pant)(wag wag wag) Did you say TREAT?

JG: Ready?

KD: Yeah, yeah, yeah! Is that one of your Snickers bars?

JG: Uh… no. Here, catch!

LD: nom nom nom. Yum! Nom nom nom. So, what were we talking about?

JG: I forget. Anyway, can you tell us about one of your favorite parts of the day, being a writer’s dog?

KD: nom nom

JG: Ahem.

KD: nom

JG: Kangdog?

KD: Huh?

JG: Your favorite part of the day, as a writer’s dog?

KD: (nom) That’s easy. I love the time you start reading to me from your work in progress. I get to hear it before anyone else. Some of it’s pretty bad, though…

JG: I wasn’t reading it to you!

KD: What? I always thought…Then who were you reading it to?

JG: Myself! I often read the prose and dialogue aloud to see how it flows. I wasn’t reading to you.

KD: (Hangs head low) You weren’t? (nom nom)

JG: Nope.

KD: Awwwwwwww!

JG: You sounded like that German Shepherd on YouTube. You know, the ultimate dog taunt one?

KD: Yeah, well. His owner is a writer too, I bet.

JG: Don’t be mad.

KD: I’m not mad. I’m hurt.

JG: No you’re not.

KD: I am. I’m hurt. Hmph!

JG: Hey, want another treat?

KD: TREAT?? (wag wag, pant pant pant) Did you say TREAT?

JG: Catch!

KD: Snickers!

JG: Thanks for joining us today, Kangadog. But before we sign off, do you have any closing thoughts?

KD: nom nom nom. Huh? Nom nom nom.

JG: Okay then! This is Joshua Graham with Kangadog saying, good-bye and may all your days be filled with love and friendship.

As a Sirens reader, you’re invited to join Joshua at his free online launch party tomorrow, May 1 at 6PM Pacific/9PM Eastern where he host a live Q&A, and you will have a chance to win books and e-books, as well as a brand new Kindle Fire or Nook Tablet! Join by visiting this website:, clicking on the “guest” tab, entering your name, and clicking “join”.



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