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Jamie Freveletti is a trial attorney, martial artist, and runner. Her debut thriller, Running from the Devil, was chosen as a “Notable Book” by the Independent Booksellers of America, awarded "Best First Novel" by the International Thriller Writers, awarded a Barry Award for "Best First Novel" by Deadly Pleasures Magazine, and nominated for a Macavity Award for" Best First Mystery" by the Mystery Readers International and "Favorite First Novel of 2009" by Crimespree Magazine. It has been translated into three languages and was an international bestseller.

Her second novel, Running Dark, released in June, 2010, hit both the Chicagoland and South Florida bestseller lists and the third novel in her series, The Ninth Day released in September, 2011 and was chosen as one of the "Best Thrillers of 2011" by Suspense Magazine.

In January, 2011, she was tapped by the Estate of Robert Ludlum to write the next in the Covert One series. That novel,Robert Ludlum's The Janus Reprisal, released on September 11, 2012. The fourth in her series, Dead Asleep will be released on October 30, 2012.

She lives in Chicago with her family.

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Honoring the Legacy item1

Heading to Bouchercon 2012? Make sure to stop by and see Jamie on Friday at 1:30PM at Grand Ballroom A where she'll discuss researching for thriller writers. She'll also be signing ARCs of DEAD ASLEEP on Friday from 2:00-2:45 in the Hospitality Room (Superior Room @ Marriott Rennaisance, lower level across from Shuckers Bar). HarperCollins is also hosting an Ice Cream Social there from 3:00-3:30 and everyone is invited!

I’d like to thank the Sirens of Suspense for asking me to contribute a piece about what it’s like to write for an Estate like that of Robert Ludlum’s. For those who don’t know me, I’m a thriller writer with my own series-the Emma Caldridge series. I have three books in print, and a fourth, Dead Asleep, releasing October 30, 2012. The books are Running From The Devil, Running Dark, and The Ninth Day. On September 11th the book that I wrote for the Estate of Robert Ludlum The Janus Reprisal hit the shelves and I couldn’t be happier to see it there.

The Covert One series, which is the one I’ve written, was created by Robert Ludlum before he died in 2001. When the representatives of the Estate contacted me to discuss possibly writing the next in the series, I immediately read the prior entries, and was impressed by the timeliness of the characters. The group is a cadre of Covert operatives run by the President and accountable to no one else. They are Jon C. Smith, a military microbiologist, Randi Russell, a rogue CIA officer, Peter Howell, a former British intelligence officer and Marty Zellerbach, a computer specialist with Asperger’s syndrome. Having this diverse group of characters made it easy for me to create a story that was both thrilling and complex.

With all of my thrillers I try to weave in actual elements with the fiction, and I researched a few viruses for use in The Janus Reprisal. I chose to use Avian flu because, while in its present form it’s difficult to transmit between humans, once mutated it will become virulent and will kill upwards of fifty percent of those infected.

Of course, halfway through the novel I read that researchers had mutated the flu, made it virulent, and were attempting to present a paper before scientists about their research. (They ultimately didn’t present it, because the President and the World Health Organization asked them to refrain). It was a bit of life imitating art and not in a good way. Honestly, sometimes I think I should just write some other genre, because once you start researching deadly pandemics it certainly makes it more difficult to sleep at night!

During the writing process I had to compartmentalize the fact that I was contributing to a legacy like Robert Ludlum’s. If I thought about it too long, I would be frozen in fear and nothing would have been accomplished. I went back and reread some of my favorite novels by Ludlum: The Bourne Identity and The Parsifal Mosaic and then tried to imbue my writing with his gift of story and pacing.

I think I nailed the pacing, and I hope the story is one that he would like. Mr. Ludlum died before September 11th occurred and our fears are different now. Rather than cold war stand offs between countries-though those are possibly looming in the future, we now worry about suicide bombers and the stealth virus or the not so stealth Anthrax and the Tokyo Sarin gas subway poisoning.

All in all the experience, though daunting, was wonderful. I really enjoyed writing The Janus Reprisal, and I hope that you enjoy reading it!



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