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The Sirens of Suspense

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An Anthony Award-nominated website on all things mystery.

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Request a Review: Authors, agents, publicist or publishers looking for reviews can e-mail Please include the author, title, genre and release date with your request. At the moment I do not review self-published books, and primarily review those books which are availble on the shelves of-most independent bookstores. Request for eBook reviews are taken on a case-by-case basis.

Format Preference: Actual books are the preference. If they are unavailable, or the book is only published in eBook format, please enquire before sending.

Reviews: It's an honor to be asked to review books, and I'm grateful to all the publishers, publicists, and authors who send me books. Thank you. I get a lot of review copies and review requests and, though I'd love to, I can't read them all, and not all of them are to my taste. Books are generally reviewed in the order of 1) preference and 2) release/appearance date. Reviews may be posted on The Sirens of Suspense website and/or The Poisoned Pen bookstore's blog. Even if I don't write a review, .if I've received the book and appreciate its quality, I may not write a review, but will publicize the release date or my enjoyment thereof on various social media outlets. I may also request an author appearance on the blog without publishing a review. If I do not finish a book, I won't review it. Reminders are helpful, but please do not send weekly e-mails asking when, or if, I'll be reviewing a book (particularly if you've just sent me the book).

What Happens to Your Books? If I've written a review, publicized the book on social media, or requested an author appearance, the review copy will generally be given away to a fan in an online contest. Some books I love, I keep. Most books I receive are collected and donated to various libraries or organizations promoting literacy. So, even if I don't review your book, it's got a good home and has supported a good cause.

Thank you!


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