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The Sirens of Suspense



Isabel Spellman, PI and somewhat-reformed troublemaker, returns in the fifth in Lisa Lutz’ series, THE TRAIL OF THE SPELLMANS. The Spellman family detective business is booming, and Isabel and her parents are kept busy following a variety of people—with time out to make sure one OCD client unplugged his toaster. Despite this heavy case load, they spend most of their time investigating each other. Of course, what would you expect from a family that makes Stephanie Plum’s look like the Waltons? Isabel’s mother has suddenly taken up Russian, crocheting, pottery and book club, and everyone wants to know why David (Isabel’s brother), the attorney turned stay-at-home dad, isn’t speaking to Rae (who has just been arrested for tree-sitting). Add in a couple additional complications, like Grammy Spellman and Henry (Isabel’s boyfriend) wanting to have THE talk, and his mother arriving on the scene, and it’s no wonder Isabel is having a hard time restraining herself from defenestrating (she has a tendency to use windows rather than doors to exit buildings). Lutz’ trademark wit is just as funny in the fifth installment as it was in the first, and it’s nice to see her characters grow and evolve despite their eccentricities (often developing new and different quirks).

If you’ve never met the Spellman family, I highly suggest starting with the first book THE SPELLMAN FILES, in order to understand why a “vacation” is called a “disappearance” and why there’s an ex-con in their kitchen.

Lutz has been contracted for two more books in the series, and I for one, can’t wait.  See her in-store on Monday, March 5th at 7:00PM along with Deb Coonts, and Josh Bazell.


¹ I’ll explain defenestration, but for banana, you’ve got to read the book.²


² If you don’t like footnotes, THE TRAIL OF THE SPELLMANS is not for you.

This review originally posted on The Poisoned Pen blog, read it and comment here:¹/?

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